We recommend you to combine the Weight Measurement and Eye-Chin Distance Measurement to pick the right size.

Instruction for Eye-Chin Distance Measurement:
You need a wall mirror, a ruler, and something flat (like a book).

  • Look straight ahead into the mirror, keep your head upright.
  • Place the ruler, starting from your lower eyelid, straight down and parallel to the mirror.
  • Meanwhile, with your mouth closed, hold the book parallel to the ground and let it touch your chin.
  • Now you can check the number at where the ruler crosses your book.


Airinum Size


Recommended Size Weight (KG) Weight (LB)
XS 12-30 26-65
S 30-50 65-110
M 50-75 110-165
L Over 75 Over 165


Recommended Size Eye-Chin Distance (CM) Eye-Chin Distance (IN)
XS Less than 8.5 Less than 3.3
S 8.6-10.5 3.4-4.1
M 10.6-11.5 4.2-4.5
L Over 11.6 Over 4.6


If you get different recommendations from the 2 methods, follow the one from the Eye-Chin Distance measurement.

If your weight or eye-chin distance is on the borderline, pick the bigger one to ensure a better fit.

For more information about sizing, visit our support page here.